My Practice

I perceive a psychological evaluation to be a kind of survey designed to look at where the individual is at  and the ways in which they have been shaped by their unique experiences. I try to understand their behaviors and emotions, and try to assess the psychological costs and benefits attached to various changes that might be considered.

I believe that all clients are deserving of respect and thoughtful reflection on my part regardless of their actions in the past. Each of them is deserving of help that will lead them to the most productive and growth-producing experiences possible even as I realize that choice may have to take into account the need for placement in a restrictive environment if they present a danger to themselves or others.  Because I view the evaluation as a teaching experience, I also offer clients follow up meetings in which I explain to them test results,and recommendations and I write my reports with the assumption that my clients may, at some point, read what I write.

I welcome the opportunity to consult with other professionals in regard to clients they refer and I am happy to discuss their clients either by phone or in person.  I am also open to continuing opportunities to supervise other professionals or programs and to consult with them in regard to their clients.

I am currently contacting other professionals in the community in order to begin to make myself familiar with resources available in the local community.

Clinical Psychologist