Types of Evaluations/Assessments

Assessments which I routinely complete include:


  • Custody evaluations (best interests of the minor child in regard to custody and visitation). These evaluations require a specific court order and involvement of both parents


  • Parenting assessments (which may include both psychological evaluation of the parent and observation with children).


  • Psychological evaluations exploring diagnosis and underlying psychological dynamics (these evaluations are often referrals from therapists seeking additional information in establishing treatment plans for difficult clients).


  • Competency evaluations. These are often referrals from courts or attorneys.


  • Evaluations made as an aid in establishing specific diagnoses such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and intellectual/developmental disability. These evaluations may come from therapists, primary physicians, and the Department Of Health And Human Services.


  • Probation and court evaluations to make recommendations in regard to treatment and intervention of sex offenders, juvenile offenders, and persons being considered for probation who have significant health issues. These may come from the court directly, the department of probation, or defense attorneys.



If there are questions in regard to the appropriateness of a specific evaluation, referral persons are encouraged to contact me directly by phone or email.


Clinical Psychologist